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I have been practicing PT for 12 years in both a skilled nursing facility (SNF) and on an outpatient basis. In both settings, pain management is one of the primary goals. In the Spring of 2014, I took Malvin's course on MPT for the neck. Since then I have used it in conjunction with my manual therapy and have found that it is a great tool to compliment what I was already doing.
Malvin's MPT technique is precise, versatile, allows for quick results and is easily portable. In the SNF it allows you to provide a quick treatment to manage pain (it works faster than pain medication.) Then it allows the patient to participate in their mobility training, so they can return home. In the outpatient setting, patients have been happy with the immediate results. I recommend taking these classes to enhance what you are currently doing and by adding another tool to your tool kit. The class is well organized, hands on and you walk away ready to treat.
  - Mindi Romer, MPT, Corvallis, OR  

As an Occupational Therapist in a Skilled Nursing Setting, I have found a great variety of applications for my Microcurrent tool and MPT. I have been able to successfully relieve migraine symptoms, significantly improve restricted knee ROM and pain, decrease tendonitis symptoms, reduce chronic low back pain, treat scars and trigger finger restrictions and facilitate progress towards therapeutic goals including increased ADL independence, improved functional mobility and safety and decreased pain and ROM restrictions. My patients response to MPT is positive and I have several who request it every time I treat them. Having completed the MPT training program, I use it virtually every day with inpatients and outpatients alike. MPT has greatly enhanced my ability to address underlying performance components and facilitate improved function, independence and overall quality of life for my patients.
 - D. Alexandra Foss, OTR/L, Corvallis, OR  

Malvin brings the heart of a teacher and healer to his excellent class. I now have a way that enables me to treat local points appropriately. My patients love it! I recommend this class to anyone seeking to broaden pain treatment options.
 - Frank Gemmato, L.Ac., Milwaukie, OR

Your course was the best run, organized & most thorough Continuing Ed course I have ever taken.      
 - Karen Kettlety, L.Ac., Baker City, OR

My recent MPT treatment with you was truly a small miracle. When I left your office I felt about 90% improvement and incredible elation because the neck pain lasted so long and hadn’t responded to previous chiropractic, massage, or acupuncture from someone else. A few hours after leaving the office I felt compelled to lie down. It’s hard to describe what happened then because the muscles didn’t actually move, but I had a strong sensation they were throwing off or draining off some kind of energy. After about 45 minutes I got up and had an enjoyable, pain-free day and evening. I know I can look forward to continued improvement with help from you. I have always considered you the best acupuncturist around, but with the evolution of the MPT technique, you now have a tool that takes your work to another level of effectiveness and efficiency. Looking forward to my next appointment.
  - Marina McShane

I got a lot from our class last weekend in Las Vegas and almost everyone I used MPT with this past week experienced rapid, and even dramatic improvement.
  - Bruce Eichelberger, OMD, Reno, Nevada

Malvin has an ability to zero in on the causative factors of a patients complaint and distinguish the most important issue that needs immediate attention. Malvin is one of the great American acupuncturists of our time.
  - Luke Adler, L.Ac., MTOM, DOM, Eugene, Oregon

Just a brief update on my palatal myclonus (whirring or clicking sound in right ear) patient. He came in today and reported he has been symptom free [for over 6 weeks]. He has reduced his clonazepam to 1.5 mg per night. It had been  as high as 2 mg and even 3 mg prior to coming to see me back in October. I am thrilled with this result but more importantly he is also very, very happy. He is now toying with the idea of moving down to 1 mg. 100% of the credit here goes to the MPT and acupuncture combination! Very interestingly, as his symptoms have been lessening, the tight and tender areas have been increasingly difficult to find. This is a major success story in my mind particularly since the Osteopath (MD) who sent him to me (and she is very good) was not able to get anywhere with him. Thanks Malvin, you should be very pleased that your work and teaching is having very positive effects out there in the world.
  - John Slosberg, L.Ac., Portland, Oregon

After taking your head and neck course MPT has become my favorite modality. Having excellent results all around. Will be seeing you again for another course in the future.
  - Sather Ekblad D.C., Bend, Oregon

I have been using MPT alone on a patient who injured her knee in a twisting fall (She hates acupuncture needles). She had two or three surgeries to remove bone fragments, install screws and plates and such. She came to me to address the scars, reduce the swelling and aid in recovery. She saw her surgeon a couple days ago and he was amazed at how well she has recovered and how slight the scarring is! He had never heard of MPT before. Now he has. He said to her, "Whatever it is, keep on doing it! I have been surrounding the scar tissue, addressing trigger points, and surrounding any swelling. Basically, I address the scars as I would any painful area. I swear, and so does the patient, that I have seen the swelling go down in front of our eyes. She had a lot of referring pain down her tibia both medial and lateral at first, and that quickly went away. Needless to say, she is quite pleased with the results, and tells all who will listen! Another MPT success story.
  - Scott Stuart, Portland, OR

I use the ETPS frequently in my practice; it's made a huge difference in how I treat pain. Thanks for some amazing insights and education! (And everyone LOVES the headache point!!)
- Lisa Mathews, Las Vegas, NV

I fell some 3-4 years ago and injured my right ankle. Despite multiple doctor visits, treatments, and adjustments, it had gotten progressively worse. There were times, and they were increasing, when I could not put my weight on it. Stairs were a nightmare. My feet seemed to be losing flexibility and function. I was starting to despair of ever finding a solution.
Then Dr. Finkelstein did one MPT treatment and I have experienced an 80% improvement that has lasted for almost three months. It did not hurt at all and it was so effective. How can such a non-invasion, 10 minute technique do so much?!  It’s a miracle in my life!
I use the breathing techniques that Dr. Finkelstein taught in his Turning Sound QiGong class every day. I draw in my core when I exhale when stopped in traffic, waiting in line, washing the dishes, etc.
I do the Turning Sound QiGong movements when standing for any length of time as it relieves my low back pain, helps my legs and feet, steadies my balance. I do the full sequence during my water exercises.  They are gentle, comforting and I can really feel the difference in my body. I can hardly wait for the DVD  to be available so I can do it again with the class.
I am most grateful to have found Dr. Finkelstein and his wonderful techniques and exercises. Some of my issues I have had for 20 years since a major auto accident and subsequent multiple surgeries. Living with on-going pain is no fun and I have tried so many things to bring relief. Now I’ve found something that really works!  Thank you!!!!!!!
  - Patricia, Portland, OR


I got so much out of this class, I wanted to thank you. I'm an LMT, LAc, and have been using this machine for years, with good results. Adding the positional tuina stretches, and understanding which angle to use to release the muscle, has added an amazing level of precision and effectiveness to my work with the MPT. I also found the info on the muscle compensation patterns to be extremely helpful. Can't wait to do more classes, please keep me updated on live and new offerings! Thanks again!
  - Laura Stice, LMT, L.Ac.

Malvin brings the heart of a teacher and healer to his excellent Microcurrent class. Packed with useful and practical information, these classes provide immediate enhancement to any practice. The class I did on hip and back has immediately had a dramatically positive impact on my practice. I now have a way that enables me to treat local points appropriately, while using fewer needles. My patients love it! I recommend this class to anyone seeking to broaden a range of pain treatment options.
  - Frank Gemmato, L.Ac., Milwaukie, Oregon

Thank you for another amazing class. I picked up a lot of new information, not just about the specific regions, but just how you use the machine etc., which was really helpful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your teaching these classes and sharing your insights and developed techniques with all of us who are interested. I think you are really onto something very valuable with the protocols you have developed and I am excited about deepening my understanding of it all.
  - John Slosberg, L.Ac., Portland, Oregon

I can attest to the usefulness of the EPTS micro-current device that Malvin has incorporated into the MPT classes he is offering. In my office we call them “zappers” and they are pretty constantly in use. They cost a few hundred bucks but have paid for themselves over and over in patient satisfaction and increased reimbursement. If learning how to use this simple, effective tool is the only thing you get out of Malvin’s class, you will have made a great investment in your practice.
  - Tom Williams, L.Ac., Eugene, Oregon

What makes Malvin a brilliant clinician also makes him and outstanding teacher, and that is his listening for exactly what the student wants to know, even if the student isn’t sure what that is, and deliver a concise, clear understanding of mechanics, technique, and most importantly, right intention. Malvin is one of the great American acupuncturists of our time.
  - Luke Adler, L.Ac., MTOM, DOM, Eugene, Oregon

Thank you for a wonderful class. Thank you for your clarity, the logic of your approach, your wonderfully clear understanding of anatomy, and your overall clear presentation of useful information.
  - Carrie Bleiweiss, L.Ac., Portland, Oregon

Thanks so much! I wish I was closer and more able to attend more of your classes. Your course was the best run, best organized, most thorough continuing ed course I have ever taken. Thank you for all the advance work you do to make the course such a success.
  - Karen Kettlety, L.Ac., Baker City, Oregon

I want to thank you for the workshop last weekend. I enjoyed meeting you and getting to know your system. I have to say that I think you undersold it! I have had some amazing results with the MPT/ETPS work. The stuff I have done so far, both on myself and with clients is incredible. I have not limited myself to the leg/knee/foot either – shoulders, necks and elbows are all getting some action. Thank you again. I look forward to training with you again soon.
  - Rob Mills, L.Ac., Bend, Oregon

I’m thankful that I took classes with you. The MPT techniques have become a regular part of my treatment approach and I’m continually amazed at the results they provide. Thanks for sharing this with us.
  - Rick DeTroye, L.Ac., Portland, Oregon

The MPT live classes present so much information that it is invaluable to to be able to go back and refer to the online videos. I highly recommend these to anyone interested in learning MPT.
  - John Slosberg, L.Ac., Portland, OR


“Amazing amalgamation of estim/tuina/acupuncture and great practical value in the clinic.”
“This class should be a required course  for acupuncture schools.”
“I have had some amazing results with the MPT/ETPS work and don’t even really know what I am doing yet! The stuff I have done so far, both on myself and with clients, is incredible.”
“My clients are improving faster than ever before.”
“I will be using the techniques learned here immediately in my practice.”
“Malvin is a very good teacher—knowledgeable, patient, generous and informative.”
“This work is very important in the realm of orthopedic medicine.”


This is probably the best on line class I have ever taken. I want to commend you on the thoroughness of the content and the clarity of the presentation! I am already working with the shoulder information and getting results.
 - Walia Sandra Guillow, L.Ac., Oakdale, CT

Skype sessions with Malvin are a superb way to zero in on a specific question. There is nothing like seeing it demonstrated by Malvin.
 - John Slosberg, L.Ac., Portland, OR