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Would your patients benefit from quick, effective pain relief?

Can you imagine their response when their tension
melts away in seconds?

Can you feel their excitement as they tell friends to call you?

Offer your patients faster,
longer-lasting pain relief with
Dr. Finkelstein’s MPT system
that integrates ancient and modern medicine.

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Malvin Finkelstein’s 35 years of acupuncture practice led him to develop the MPT system, a simple and effective method for relieving pain, increasing range of motion and accelerating healing. It is effective for acute and chronic pain throughout the body and provides fast, long-lasting results.

Each seminar in the MPT Training series will teach you Dr. Finkelstein's MPT System:

Learn to release fascia, muscle, joint and rib restrictions at key points with

  • Specialized locations of acupuncture/trigger points
  • Unique acupressure/tuina stretch and optimal body positioning
  • A hand held microcurrent device
What people are saying:

“Your course was the best run, organized, & most thorough Continuing Ed class I have ever taken.”
  - Karen Kettlety, LAc., Baker City, OR

“Malvin brings the heart of a teacher and healer to his excellent Microcurrent class. Packed with useful and practical information, these classes provide immediate enhancement to any practice. I now have a way that enables me to treat local points appropriately, while using fewer needles. My patients love it! I recommend this class to anyone seeking to broaden a range of pain treatment options.”
  - Frank Gemmato, L.Ac., Milwaukie, Oregon

“After 4 1/2 years of incorporating MPT with acupuncture, I am continually amazed at how easily this technique can deal with even the most challenging pain conditions. This combination is considerably more effective for treating musculoskeletal pain than acupuncture by itself. Malvin has something truly great to offer.”
  - John Slosberg, LAc., Portland, OR

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